A guide to hybrid and blended cultural learning in 2023 and beyond

Blended cultural learning and participation programmes consist of both in person and online opportunities. Online learning can be delivered in real time or made accessible for use at different times. Hybrid learning simultaneously integrates online and in person elements



The below notes and videos are from a series of Space for Learning Hybrid Learning Guidance workshops running from June 2022. The workshops have been programmed in response to needs identified by museum and gallery learning colleagues around understanding and delivering blended and hybrid learning.

Delivered in partnership by the Clore Duffield Foundation, Engage and the Group for Education in Museums (GEM).


Workshop 1: Kit, safeguarding and copyright

Meeting notes

Meeting notes (pdf) Download


Speaker presentations

Professor Stephen Heppell, CEO Heppell.net

Building hybrid spaces for learning, where learners might be their best selves

Cliff Manning, R&D Director, Parent Zone

Online risk, safety and opportunity - some things to consider in digital delivery

Virginia Leaver, General Manager, Learning, National Theatre

Reflections on creating their online safeguarding policy.

Naomi Korn, CEO and Founder, Naomi Korn Associates

Copyright, licensing and attribution: what museum learning teams need to know when delivering online

To access a copy of Naomi's presentation, please email spaceforlearning@outlook.com

Workshop 2: Delivering parity of experience

Meeting notes

Meeting notes (pdf)Download


Speaker presentations

Matt Needham, Freelance Visual Artist & Creative, Marketing Communication and Administrator, Young Manchester and Assistant Director, DIS:Play project, Contact Theatre


Considering the theoretical and practical when delivering hybrid learning

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