Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that these FAQs mostly relate to the Main Grants Programme (including Clore Learning Spaces). 


What is the difference in applying for a Main Grant or for a Clore Learning Space?

If you are applying for a Clore Learning Space, please complete the Information Request Form and ensure that you have read the special guidance available here before you apply. 

What are the chances of receiving a grant?

Every year the Foundation receives many more requests than can ever be granted, and like most grant-making organisations, we have to turn down the majority of the applications we receive. We therefore encourage all our applicants to apply to multiple funding sources and not just to this Foundation.

Can we re-apply if we have been unsuccessful previously?

You should allow at least one year from being notified of an unsuccessful outcome before re-applying. Please also check our website to ensure that your organisation still meets our application criteria at the time of re-applying.

Can we apply if we are already a grant-holder?

Generally the Foundation does not consider applications from organisations which are currently in receipt of a grant.

Are there deadlines for applications?

There is no deadline for the Main Grants Programme. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

How much can I apply for?

Under the Main Grants Programme we accept applications from £10,000 up to in excess of £1,000,000. However grants towards the higher end of this scale are very seldom awarded. The Trustees like to see that a variety of funders have been approached.

Can I email my application or submit it online?

Your completed Expression of Interest form should be emailed to [email protected]

Will I be updated on how my application is progressing?

Unfortunately we cannot reply to every individual application and are unable to provide feedback to unsuccessful applicants. We aim to inform you within twelve weeks of receipt if you are invited to submit a full application.

What don’t you fund?

Generally we do not accept (and do not have the staff resources to reply to):

  • Applications for projects outside of the UK
  • Requests for funding from individuals
  • General appeals or circulars

Can we apply if we are a newly registered charity and do not have a full set of accounts yet?

You are welcome to send in an initial expression of interest, although the Foundation is less likely to fund an organisation with little track record and no financial history.

How long will it take to assess my initial expression of interest?

We aim to inform you within twelve weeks of receipt if you are invited to submit a full application.However, during exceptionally busy times this can be longer.

What happens if I am invited to make a full application?

The second stage of the process may include a telephone call, meeting, or site visit, as well as a request for you to complete a detailed application form. This process can take a number of months, and the Foundation only awards grants at Trustee Meetings (held twice a year). If your proposal is to be discussed at a Trustee Meeting then we will let you know ahead of this. The assessment process is thorough and it can take many months for an application to reach the final stage. An application can be turned down at any time during the process and progressing to the visit or Trustee discussion stage is no guarantee of success.

Will you come and visit us?

Some organisations will receive a telephone call or visit from the Foundation’s Director, Trustee(s), or one of our specialist advisors – or a meeting will be requested – during stage 2 of the assessment process. A visit does not mean that your application will eventually be successful or will be considered at a Trustee Meeting.

Can you fund a project that is existing or does it have to be a new project?

Yes we can consider applications from projects that are already running.

Where can I get an application form?

The initial Expression of Interest form can be found here.

Can I apply for a grant to be paid over more than one year?

Yes, you can apply for multi-year grants. In fact it is the Foundation’s preference to pay some grants over multiple years, especially for large-scale capital projects.

What geographical areas do you fund?

We accept applications from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We do not accept applications from the Channel Islands.

Do you fund individuals?

The Main Grants Programme does not accept applications from individuals. We do not have the resources to reply to any funding requests from individuals.

We are not a registered charity – can we still apply for a grant?

For the Main Grants Programmes we only accept applications from registered charities and local authority run museums and galleries. Please do not send in applications from other types of organisations for this scheme.

We are just starting out fundraising for a large  project, can we apply now?

You can send in your initial expression of interest now. Remember, if a grant is eventually to be awarded, then the process is thorough and can take many months, so it is a good idea to get in touch early.

Can I meet with you to discuss my initial application?

Due to limited resources we are more likely to meet with applicants once an application has progressed to the second or third stage of the assessment process.

Do you comment on draft initial applications?

No, we are unable to comment on draft initial applications ahead of them being submitted.

Will I receive feedback if my application is unsuccessful?

Unfortunately we are unable to provide feedback on unsuccessful applications. We receive many excellent proposals for extremely worthwhile causes but are unable to progress the majority of them. Please do not be disheartened if your application is not successful.

Must we use your logo if we are successful?

You may have to in some cases, please refer to your grant agreement or contact a member of the Foundation’s staff if you are unsure. We are usually happy for grantee organisations to use our logo on their website and promotional material.


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