Performing Arts National Saturday Club

Theatre and dance classes are often prohibitively expensive and the industry is struggling to attract diverse talent. We are partnering with the National Saturday Club to establish ten new performing arts Saturday Clubs to ensure more young people have the opportunity to explore and develop their passion and talent for performance.


The Clore Duffield Foundation has partnered with the National Saturday Club to launch a new Performing Arts National Saturday Club. Our aim is to create opportunities for young people to explore, create and engage with performance within universities, further education colleges and in partnership with theatres and cultural organisations.

Club members will have the chance to develop their understanding and skills in applied theatre, physical theatre, dance, vocal training, performance, and acting techniques, as well as production elements such as set and costume design. They will also develop their leadership skills, exploring roles within the sector such as directing and producing.

The National Saturday Club programme is free and open to 13–16-year-olds of all abilities. Weekly classes are led by professional tutors from the universities, colleges and cultural organisations hosting the Clubs. Club members will also take part in Masterclasses with industry professionals, visits to museums and galleries, an end-of-year Summer Show, and Graduation Ceremonies.

Links will be made to future careers and study pathways, broadening young people’s awareness of future possibilities and professional opportunities across theatre, film, design, and performance.

Visit the National Saturday Club website for more information.



Performing Arts National Saturday Club
Performing Arts National Saturday Club
Performing Arts National Saturday Club
Performing Arts National Saturday Club

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